Romeo once asked this famous question to himself before deciding that a rose by another name would still smell as sweet and pursuing Juliet anyway. While very true, and terribly romantic, we at SLV.Global know that words matter and we're always working to make things as clear and as simple for those wishing to join one of our placements. As a result, from 2018, we will be changing the name of our placements to more accurately reflect each placement's entry requirements and content. 

Foundation Placement (formerly the Level One mental Health Placement) 

This placement's content hasn't changed, but we feel the term "foundation" is more clear than "level one." Where's "level two?" Are we in a parking garage?

This placement is for those who are looking to gain their first hands-on experience in the mental health sector. This placement provides an excellent foundation on which participants can build their future careers in mental health.

Best suited to those who have studied psychology or social sciences at university level, or for those who have excellent theoretical knowledge and are keen to put it into practice. 

Advanced Placement (formerly the Mental Health Placement)  

All of our placements are mental health placements, so the title of this placement seemed super redundant to us. Like when someone says, "let's go get some KFC chicken" No. KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. You don't eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, chicken because that's just silly. 

This placement is for those who already have experience working with vulnerable populations at home or abroad. Whether supporting children with additional needs or working as a support worker, any experience obtained over a consistent three month period will be considered.  

What about the Graduate Mental Health Placement? 

Excellent question!

Long story exclusively offering a placement to only graduates we were excluding LOADS of brilliant applicants who had relevant, valuable mental health experience simply because they weren't graduates.

As an organisation we've always prioritised experience over education, so it only makes sense that our placements are as inclusive as possible. Graduates are still very welcome to join our Advanced or Foundation Placements and if you join us outside of the summer, on our eight-week placement, we'll make sure you get some extra field trips too.

For anyone disappointed that our 12-week placement is no more, don't fret! We still have plenty of Peer Mentor opportunities available for those wanting to commit to the full three months, so please get in touch and apply! 


In conclusion, don't worry, we're not having a P. Diddy-style identity crisis. The only thing that's different is the title of your placement, not any of the epic stuff you get. We're not changing our identity, we're solidifying it.