SLV.Global is a voluntary organisation that bolsters existing support services in Sri Lanka and Indonesia in the provision of welfare for those marginalized by circumstance. Founded in 2010, in Sri Lanka, our mission is to provide relevant, degree-specific placements to students and graduates.

Extending our working remit to Bali, Indonesia, in 2016 our placements provide the opportunity for volunteers to obtain valuable, hands-on experience in a different culture while also providing practical and much-needed help to the communities in which they work. We run five different degree-specific placements; Teaching, Special Needs, Occupational Therapy, Mental Health and Performing Arts and annually send out approximately 1300 volunteers.

Each of our placements aim to give a cross-cultural experience coupled with hands-on practical work experience with service users of all ages and backgrounds. SLV.Global aim to provide volunteers with the opportunity to use the skills they have gained through both study and previous voluntary or vocational experience in a different country. Volunteers in turn get the chance to experience how the approach to teaching and social work differs in an Eastern context.

Volunteer Policy

A volunteer policy will show that care and thought has gone into how volunteers will be treated. It will also ensure fairness and consistency, because being able to refer to a written policy will mean that decisions are not made on an ad-hoc basis and that all volunteers are treated equally and fairly.

A policy is also important from the volunteers’ perspective as it ensures that they know
where they stand. They will know what they can expect and where they can turn to if they feel things are going wrong.


We will use appropriate means to advertise for volunteers locally that take into account the principles of our Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policies. The applicant will have to complete an application form, but help can be given with this if necessary.

All applicants will be interviewed by one of our staff members to ensure that they have the necessary skills and experience to join our team.

Equal Opportunities

Volunteers and staff will work to prevent discrimination on any grounds.

Induction and Training

There will be an induction prepared and delivered by the senior in country management team.

This will include:

  • The role of the volunteer

  • A list of all staff members

  • Health and Safety information as well as Cultural Sensitivity training

  • Training Essential procedures i.e. timekeeping, rota etc.

  • Induction training and details of ongoing training

  • Information about the relevant Code of Practice

  • Details of our NYSC visa agreement

  • Other information as appropriate


For the duration of a volunteer’s placement they are supported by the in country volunteer and staff team. Senior in country management are available 24/7. Volunteer coordinators and permanent staff attend projects and live in the same areas as volunteers providing the opportunity for daily contact.

The SLV.Global senior management will support all volunteers and will make themselves available for volunteers to discuss any problems or issues that may arise. Should any issue be beyond the remit of this team the SLV.Global Directors will provide support and guidance.


All volunteers are required to purchase their own travel insurance which must be valid for the duration for their placement.


SLV.Global require an explicit confidentiality policy, which all volunteers and staff, are obliged to observe. This includes not naming projects or taking photos or videos of service users, children or vulnerable people. 


We expect volunteers to behave professionally and courteously towards service users, homestay families, staff and each other at all times. 

Resolving Problems

The relationship between the organisation and its volunteer workers is entirely voluntary and does not imply any employment. However, it is important that the organisation is able to maintain its agreed standards of service to the clients who use it, and it is also important that volunteers should enjoy making their contribution to this service.

If your role as a volunteer does not meet with the organisation’s standards, here is how it will be dealt with:

1. Initially a meeting will be held where an SLV.Global Supervisor or member of the SLV.Global senior management team will explain the concerns.
2. If this does not resolve the concern, a meeting with the SLV.Global directors will be called.
3. If your work still does not meet with our standards then we will have to stop using your services.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your work you should:

1. Initially explain your dissatisfaction with the SLV.Global senior in country staff member.
2. If that does not resolve the concern, a meeting with a member of head office in London should be convened; please email [email protected] to set up a Skype call.
3. If after this, your dissatisfaction remains unresolved, and we are unable to resolve your grievance, then it would be inappropriate for you to continue to remain on placement. 

Gross Misconduct

1.  Gross misconduct will not be tolerated and will result in the offending participant being removed from the SLV.Global team instantly. Gross misconduct is any action which places other team members, service users or the general public at risk. Including, but not limited to; theft, physical assault, verbal abuse, discrimination and threatening behaviour, persistent lateness or failure to turn up for work.


When volunteers move on from their role at SLV.Global they will be asked to provide feedback on the volunteering experience by way of an exit questionnaire. 

On the basis of their voluntary work, volunteers may request a reference.

This Volunteer Policy is freely accessible to all. It will be reviewed on a yearly basis to adapt or improve it.