Volunteer Happiness Officer

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Which placement did you go on?
Foundation Placement, Sri Lanka
Bali Placement

What inspired you to do the placement?
"I found it really hard to find any psychology or mental health related experience without already knowing people in the industry. SLV.Global were offering just the kind of experience that I was looking for. I felt like I didn’t have that much to lose at the time experience-wise and living in beautiful places whilst getting that experience was just a bonus."

What inspired you to start working at SLV.Global HQ?
"Experiencing the team's support before, during and after the placement is what inspired me to work at SLV.Global HW. I was really able to see the personalities and work ethic of the office through the social media presence. I was always entertained by the punny captions, and Lee’s emotional Facebook statuses always pulled on the heartstrings. I just wanted to be a part of not only a fun, supportive work environment that I believe in, but also wanted to be part of that process for other volunteers, too."

What was your previous experience?
• I worked as a triage assistant for a local charity, providing the local community with information and advice.
• I am currently studying for a Master’s in Therapeutic Counselling.

What is your favourite part about interviewing potential volunteers?
"My favourite part about interviewing potential volunteers is finding out about all of the interesting experiences that they already have and hearing the passion for mental health in their voices."

What advice would you give to a future volunteer?
"Like with any other interview, my advice would be to do some research first. Our website has the answers to many of your questions about the placement through the blogs, FAQs and info packs."


Ellie SLV