Volunteer Happiness Officer

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Which placement did you go on?
Graduate Mental Health & Peer Mentor, Sri Lanka

What inspired you to do the placement?
"I have always had a desire to work in mental health and wanted to challenge myself to do something completely outside of my comfort zone."

What inspired you to start working at SLV.Global HQ?
"I loved my time in Sri Lanka and was inspired by the impact that SLV.Global had on its residents. I wanted to continue to work within the organisation and be amongst other colleagues who had shared the same experience as me!"

What was your previous experience?
• I graduated with a degree in Psychology and Criminology.
•  Worked as an LSA and then completed a PGCE in primary education.
• I worked as an Honorary Research Assistant Psychologist at the Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley.
• I just completed my MSc in Clinical Mental Health Sciences at UCL!

What is your favourite part about interviewing potential volunteers?
"I love speaking to people from all walks of life and from all over the globe. It's always a pleasure for people to share their experiences with me and to hear their passion for volunteering in mental health."

What advice would you give to a future volunteer?
"This is an invaluable experience like no other and you'll get out of it all that you put in! So give it your all and enjoy the most of it; you'll miss the people, food and beaches when you get home!"

Ellie SLV