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As you probably know by now, we’re the only organisation providing psychology students and graduates from around the world the opportunity to gain valuable, practical experience in the mental health sector at the same time as being immersed in a unique and exciting culture.

We currently work with many universities across the globe and provide their students with the opportunity to participate in our Mental Health Placements as part of a placement year, a year in industry, or in exchange for course credit. If you’d like to join us as part of your course, but don’t see your higher education institution listed as a current partner, please get in touch with our placement advisor, Katriona, on [email protected]. We’d love to help make your dream of joining us abroad as part of your studies a reality.

What do our placements entail?

✅ Hands-On Experience

Volunteers who participate in our placements spend their week working as Activity Support Workers in Sri Lanka or Bali. As a volunteer you are responsible for planning and executing daily, therapeutic activity sessions for individuals living with a range of mental health issues and specific needs, as well as teaching English at a variety of settings in the local community.

As an SLV.Global volunteer, you’ll work the equivalent of a 9-5 job while on placement, from running sessions on projects with service users, to planning their activities and getting from A to B each day.

✅ Supervision

As a volunteer you will receive pre-departure support from our Supervision manager based in London that will be on hand to fill out any necessary forms, communicate with your University and provide any additional guidance.

As part of your placement timetable, you’ll have time set aside for professional supervision with a local psychologist.

You’ll be supervised and supported throughout your time on placement, whether in Sri Lanka or Bali by both international and local staff who know the country best!

✅ Professional validation of hours worked

We work with professionals in-country who are responsible for signing off the work experience hours gained on placement for any placement years or to verify hours worked for course credit.

✅ Professional reference

The work our volunteer team does in Sri Lanka and Bali is much needed and appreciated, so once you return from abroad we’re super-happy to support you in your future career ambitions. We are happy to be a referee for any jobs or further education and you can find this information on your Alumni Portal upon completion of your placement.

✅ Training

Your first week is 100% dedicated to training and ensuring you’re ready to work sensitively within the culture. You’ll attend talks and workshops about working with vulnerable individuals, working sensitively to the culture and cooperating as a team. This is done to ensure that each project session runs smoothly, and that service users get the maximum benefit from their time on projects.

Universities which have previously offered course credit for participating in our placement include:


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+ Can you provide me with an internship/placement?

Our Mental Health Placements in Bali and Sri Lanka can be used for extracurricular experience as well as for course credit. Many of our volunteers take part in the placements as part of a university placement module!

We do not have specific requirements on our end, so it’s up to your university to set the terms. If you're not sure, or if you don't see your university listed, please contact one of our our University Placement Advisors for assistance

+ Can I take part in the Mental Health Placements even if I don’t study Psychology?

Although Psychology students constitute the majority of our volunteer team, we welcome anyone who has a keen interest in mental health and education. We have had many volunteers from other courses in the past, such as Mental Health Nursing, Geography, Sociology, Education, SEN or Social Work.

+ I need an internship/placement for longer than 8-12 weeks.

We do not have the capacity to accommodate longer placements during the summer, but many universities allow their students to combine different placements provided by different organisations. Please ask your placement module coordinators if this is possible for you.

If you are able to complete your placement outside of summer (particularly between January and March), we would have more flexibility with length of placement and be able to meet your requirements.

+ Can you meet my university’s requirements for an internship/placement?

We are happy to provide supervision during your placement. Please enquire about the specific requirements for supervision (e.g., is it just forms to fill, or regular one-on-one meetings?). Once you have all the necessary information, you can contact our University Placement Advisor, Katriona, on [email protected] who will look into this for you.

+ My placement module coordinator asks to be put in touch with a representative to discuss Health & Safety.

Of course, feel free to pass on this information that has all the Health & Safety ins and outs.

As the Partnerships Account Supervisor, Iona is in charge of university relationships and partnerships. She is thus the main point of contact for all university staff members. Her details are: Iona Lamy-Yang Partnerships Account Supervisor [email protected] 0207 078 7478

+ Can I intern in the London office?

We currently do not have the capacity to provide internships in our UK offices, however you are still welcome to apply for one of our Mental Health Placements abroad!

+ My university does not have a placement year or work placement module can I still do an SLV.Global Placement?

Yes, of course! The majority of our volunteers join us on placements for extracurricular work experience and to increase their knowledge of global mental health, which is advantageous experience to include on your CV. We run placements year-round, and for differing levels of previous education and experience so we should have a placement that fits your needs! You can contact our University Placement Advisor, Katriona, on [email protected] who will look into this for you.