What are the key skills gained and benefits of an SLV.Global placement?

There are so many skills that you build by taking part in a mental health placement abroad. We’ve spoken about the skills and benefits that service users develop with the sessions that volunteers plan and run, so now let’s look into what skills you will be developing and also helping volunteers to develop whilst being a Supervisor with SLV.Global.

As a Supervisor, you will be a key part of maximising the volunteer experience! How can you do this? First take a look at our blog posts below to find out!

+ Key Skills by Engaging in Psychology Work Experience Abroad

This blog here talks about the soft skills that volunteer's gain by taking part in an SLV.Global placement! These skills aren't just developed on sessions, but on every part of the placement. There are so many benefits to going abroad and stepping outside of your comfort zone and just going for it! This is where you step in. As a Supervisor, you will be helping volunteers to practice these skills, so they leave us with some epic experience ready for whichever future career they choose!

You will consistently be assisting volunteers to develop these skills by providing pastoral support and session advice to them. Supervisors also encourage the volunteer team to reflect upon their experience so that they can really see their own achievements. There is nothing better than helping someone realise their full potential.

Not only will you also be working on these skills but many more too including leadership, problem-solving, resilience and using your initiative.

+ The Benefits of Living Abroad

We also have this handy blog here which discusses the benefits of living abroad. As a Supervisor you'll be spending a minimum of five months living abroad WOW! You'll really get to immerse yourself in a new culture and the benefits of this are endless.

Not only do our placements aim to provide volunteers with quality mental health experience, but getting this in a different country enables you to go beyond gaining psychology experience and into picking up valuable life skills too!

Take a bit of time to think about what skills you want to gain as a Supervisor, how do you think you can do this, and how can you help others with this?

If you have any questions about any of the above information, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to give us a call in the office or send an email to [email protected]