What is session planning?

Every Monday morning volunteers take part in session planning. This is the time where they get together in groups and put together their session plans for the week!

By now you will have read that all of our sessions have a mental health focus whether you’re at an Activity Support Project, Children’s Development Project or an English For Development Project. We have the same long term goal for all of our projects, which is to promote positive mental health.

As a Supervisor, you will be attending session planning every week and will play a big role. You may start session planning with an ice-breaker activity or maybe some yoga and stretching. It’s a time to let everyone know of any group announcement and then it’s ready for business.

You will help volunteers by planning their sessions and ensure that we sticking to our goals of promoting positive mental health on all sessions. You’ll be a key part of facilitating group discussions in order to encourage and motivate volunteers to plan the best sessions.

Volunteers have come up with so many incredible session ideas in the past! Your role will be to really support volunteers and unlock their creative genius. This handy document here, give you some serious project inspo. You will be out in country for longer than all volunteers so you will build up a wealth of knowledge of epic project ideas that you can then share with volunteers.

So you have seen some of the types of activities we do on projects, so why do we do these?

+ Using Yoga as a tool to promote positive mental health

We like to start and finish all of our sessions with yoga. Why? Please read through this blog here, the benefits are endless. Yoga has been found to reduce symptoms of mental illness and increase the mind-body connection. It is also super relevant to what we do as it is so inclusive, anyone can do it!

+ Using expressive therapies in sessions

Through the use of nonverbal, fun, interactive, and creative activities we aim to encourage multiple benefits for service users. This blog here goes into more detail, so please have a read, so you're ready to motivate and inspire during session planning.

+ Psychological Benefits of group work

We focus on group work on sessions because the benefits of this is just invaluable for the service users. Please take the time to read more about this here, we've found these sessions are very important both in the immediate but also in the service users future mental health. As a Supervisor, you'll be really encouraging volunteers to think about these benefits in the short and long term.

Please take some time to think about some session ideas you would like to do whilst on placement.

If you have any questions about any of the above information, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to give us a call in the office or send an email to [email protected]