To officially accept your role as an SLV.Global Ambassador you need to complete the following tasks.

✓ Have a successful SLV.Global Ambassador interview

Congrats - you can tick this one off straight away!

✓ Post on social media announcing your new role as an SLV.Global Ambassador

This can be on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - whatever you use the most! Use a picture of you on placement, with a caption including ‘@slvglobal and #slvglobal’, letting everyone know that you’re an SLV.Global Ambassador and that they should contact you if they are interested in the placements or have any questions. Here's an example post for some inspiration!

✓ Create your SLV.Global Ambassador profile

Take a look at some of the SLV.Global Ambassador Profiles here. Your profile, which you will create on your SLV.Global Ambassador portal, will include a picture of you, your university, your email for any questions and a short bio about what you enjoyed most about your placement and what you like about being an SLV.Global Ambassador.

✓ Join the SLV.Global Ambassador Facebook group

Get to know your fellow SLV.Global Ambassadors and share ideas. We will also announce any competitions here and let you know if there are any bonuses up for grabs! Click here to join the group.

✓ Write us a review

We’d love for you to share your SLV.Global placement experience with us, and the world! Follow the link on your portal to leave us a review.

Once you have completed all of the above tasks, tick them off on the SLV.Global Ambassador form on your SLV.Global Ambassador portal and your SLV.Global Ambassador pack will be on its way to you!