Your first week in Sri Lanka is dedicated to increasing your knowledge and confidence so you're ready to work at your projects. We understand that most of you have loads of useful experience already, but this training has been created to ensure you also work sensitively within the culture.  

Working with children 

The Working With Children workshop is led by a former Director of Social Work in Sri Lanka. The workshop covers safeguarding children, guidelines for behaviour management and examples of how to create successful activity sessions. Kids can be a handful in every culture, this workshop will help to make sure you respond to all situations appropriately.

Working with people with specific needs

The training for working with those with special needs in Sri Lanka is facilitated by a Sri Lankan speech and language pathologist. The workshop provides an overview of how people with special needs are viewed and treated in Sri Lanka and how we can best work with these service users. We explore examples of activities to improve cognitive, motor and language skills as well as how best to work with the staff at the centres where you’ll be working. Even those of you with loads of experience will need to know how best to work within a different culture. Knowledge is power! 

English for development 

These workshops are led by the SLV.Global international team and include support with using the British Council resources to run interactive, educational sessions utilising English as a way to build life skills with youths and children. Don’t worry if you don’t feel quite ready to stand in front of a class and deliver a lesson. You’ll never teach alone and there’s safety in numbers!