During the working week you will stay with a local Sri Lankan family with a group of 6-15 other volunteers. All of these families have been working with us for some time and we can't think of a better way for you to engross yourself into a totally new and unique culture. Your family will treat you like their son or daughter and fuss over you accordingly. Please try and be patient with the occasional lack of personal space and excess attention. You're kind of a big deal. 

Your family will provide you with breakfast and dinner during the working week. For breakfast you'll get a selection of fresh fruit, bread and spreads. In the evenings our families lay on an impressive spread of traditional Sri Lankan food, which is usually a selection of curries served with rice. Most of the food prepared in the homestay is vegetarian, but it's always good practice to ask and make sure. 

The homestays are simple and have everything you need. Each volunteer has a single bed with a mosquito net and access to a Western toilet and clean drinking water. Life in Sri Lanka is much simpler than you may be used to, so please don't expect to find WiFi, a TV or even hot water. But trust us, when you've been walking around in the stifling heat all day a cold shower really hits the spot! 

Your homestay is located far outside any tourist areas or attractions, which is why volunteers head out on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend soaking up culture and comfort. Whether you prefer lazing on a beach, or climbing to the top of some of the most impressive cultural sites in the world, the weekend is your oyster, while your homestay family enjoys some well-deserved time off with their friends and family.  

If you'd like to stay with a friend we will do our best to house you together, but you will need to be on the same placement date and placement type (i.e. Foundation or Advanced Placement) as they are located in different areas. We also only allow friends to stay in pairs. Three or four people who all know each other in a homestay can be alienating for the others in the house. You and your whole crew can always travel together at weekends. Think of this as an opportunity to add some new members to your #squad.