Check it out! You’ve just secured a place on the SLV.Global Level One Mental Health Placement! Follow the instructions in your offer email to confirm your place on the team! 

Your Placement Offer

In this pack, you’ll find lots of information designed to help you with any questions you might have at this stage. But hey, you’re a person, and so are we, so we welcome you to get in touch via email or phone too. 

You can contact us directly for anything as simple as asking about the Sri Lankan weather to requesting an extension for your Placement Acceptance Fee, just give us a call in the office and we’ll do our best to assist you. 

Once you’ve secured your place, we’ll give you access to your own Participant Portal, which includes downloadable documents covering everything about visas, packing, what to expect when you arrive and some additional forms we’ll need you to fill in. 

We recommend putting some time aside to read through this information and check out our YouTube channel for further advice. 

Level One Mental Health Placement Summary & Timetable

All our placements are designed to help you gain experience whilst sharing your skills at a variety of different projects. Each placement has a degree or vocational focus, however, every placement will have you working in a range of environments. 

On the Level One Mental Health Placement you will be working one day a week in a community mental health setting. In groups you’ll be running therapeutic activities in the wards with service users at different stages of their recovery. 

The remainder of your projects will be spent teaching English to young adults and children within the local communities and working with individuals with special needs. 

Check out this sample timetable for Level 1 the Mental Health Placement:

Level One Mental Health Placement & Sample Timetable

Morning Afternoon
Monday Session Planning Special Needs Work
Tuesday Psychiatric Unit Mental Health Care Home
Wednesday Special Needs Work Children's Development
Thursday English for Development English for Development
Friday Children's Development Go Travelling

Join the Team

1. Phone Interview

Well done! You've made the team!

2. Confirm Place

Fill out online booking form & pay your £250, $350, €350 or $500 AUD Placement Acceptance Fee.

3. SLV.Global Participant Portal

It's all yours! Everything you need to help you prepare for your placement.

4. Pay your final balance

8 weeks before your placement start date, your Placement Fees will be due. Read on for more info.

5. Fly to Sri Lanka

It's all happening! We will put you in touch with people on your team before you depart.

6. Meet the SLV.Global Team

Well hello there! We will be at the airport ready to meet you.

What’s Included in Your Placement Fees?

Our aim is to keep placement costs as low as possible, we know you’re on a budget. We limit money spent on marketing, with over 70% of the team are recruited by word of mouth and all coordinators being voluntary. To find out more follow this link

What’s Included in the Placement Fee

  • Food & Homestay Accommodation: 5-20 volunteers in each homestay, 2- 5 people sharing a room. Breakfast and Sri Lankan dinner is provided by your homestay weekdays.
  • In-Country Training: Your first full week in Sri Lanka is your training week.
  • Jungle Weekend: Every team spends their first weekend together in the jungle – trekking, white water rafting, rock sliding & BBQ. All transport, food and water are included.
  • Volunteer Visa: For volunteers on placements for over 30 days, SLV.Global will apply for a resident visa on their behalf, costing Rs 20,000 approx. £100/$150/€140.
  • Transport: From the airport to your homestay, and to some workshops and training sessions.
  • Support: The national and international teams are on call 24hrs a day, including project managers and peer mentors.

What's not Included

  • Flights: £450-750/$665- $1108/€620- €1031
  • Insurance: £40-£100/$60-$150/€55-140

Many of our volunteers fundraise to cover their placement fees and we’re here to get you inspired! Have a look at our Fundraisers Hall of Fame, and browse our handy guide to everything fundraising.


It’s got to be done, so don’t get on that plane until you’ve got sufficient insurance to cover your whole trip. Always check the conditions of your insurance and make sure you’re covered for the Level 3 White Water Rafting that goes down on your first weekend.


No one likes needles, but if you’re travelling abroad and/or working in a medical setting you need inoculations for your own protection. We will give you more information on this once your place is secured alternatively you can go direct to your GP or local travel clinic who know the score.



This is our number one priority, which is why you never travel alone to or from projects and should follow the same rule at the weekends. We provide 24 hour support, 7 days a week and are always on call for emergencies. It should be noted that Sri Lanka is still recovering from the effects of the 2004 tsunami and the 25-year civil war that ended in 2009. Volunteers are encouraged to check FCO Travel before they depart: 

Please read this blog post on safety whilst volunteering abroad.


Most volunteers have fundraised at least part of their placement fees. Using online fundraising sites or hosting bake sales are a great way to make money and new friends. Once you’re on the team we can help with more detailed information about fundraising in your Participant Portal.


Volunteering with SLV.Global is both physically and mentally tiring, so it's a requirement that everyone on the team is in generally good health. After you have confirmed your place, we’ll need to know more about your medical history. However, If you have a concern that you want to disclose confidentially before you join our team please email


Your friends and family will most likely have some questions too! So here’s a document of frequently asked questions designed especially for them - Sri Lanka info for parents 

Applying for sponsorship from your University/College? Or are you considering using this placement as part of a University or College course? If the answer is yes then here is a handy document that promotes details of our insurance, risk assessments and heath and safety policies.

Thank You

Thank you again for applying to join the team and congratulations on getting a place!


Having a TEFL is always handy, especially for our teaching projects, so if you fancy it, you can add an 80-hour TEFL to any placement for a massive discount through


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