What is the Jungle Weekend?

The Jungle Weekend is the only weekend we plan for you and takes place on your first weekend, unless you’re a Peer Mentor, in which case, yours will be later in your placement.

This weekend is designed to both challenge you and help you bond as a team. From white-water rafting to team building games, after this fun-fuelled 3 days, you and your team will be able to work as one and absolutely smash those projects!

Duration:  3 days, 2 nights.

Activities at a glance:


What to Bring

This is not a compulsory list but just some items that volunteers have found useful in the past. Please have at least one culturally appropriate outfit to keep dry for travelling to and from the Jungle. Participants are strongly requested to avoid bringing valuables and to note that bikinis are only allowed under opaque clothing on the Jungle Weekend. Try and pick clothes that are quick drying! You can reuse clothes for multiple activities, but not if they stay wet.

Team Building 

  • 1x top, you may show your shoulders but please no spaghetti straps

  • 1x shorts, just above the knee is acceptable but no ‘short shorts’
  • 1x sturdy shoes, trainers are ideal.

White Water Rafting 

    • 1x top, you may show your shoulders but please no spaghetti straps
    • 1x shorts, just above the knee is acceptable but no ‘short shorts’
    • 1x swimming costume, to be worn under clothes
    • 1x shoes, you will take these off beforehand – flip flops are ideal

    Jungle Trekking 

    • 1x sturdy shoes (they will get wet) - The trek isn’t particularly arduous but can be slippery and muddy. Your feet should be adequately supported.
    • 1x outfit for jumping in the water to wear over your bikini. 
    • 1x t-shirt - please cover your shoulders as we walk through local villages
    • 1x swimwear to be worn under clothes.

    Leg wear

    • If you choose to wear leggings for the sports activities at Jungle, it must be paired with a long-top that covers you to mid-thigh.

    • If you are bringing shorts or 'elephant pants', it is advisable to have an extra pair, especially if they are made of thin material, just incase they rip during the activities.

    Jungle Rafting SL.jpg

    Other Useful Things

    • If you like to sleep with a sheet covering you, bring a bed sheet/liner
    • 1x towel
    • Toiletries - toothbrush & paste, shampoo & conditioner, shower gel etc.
    • Basic medical supplies - painkillers, plasters, oral rehydration salts (any medicines you normally use!)
    • Sun-cream
    • Insect repellent 
    • Pack of cards for socialising
    • 1 spare outfit to remain dry for evening wear
    • Waterproof coat if you are averse to getting wet (although you'll be in the water for a lot of the weekend!)

    • Hair ties - often useful to keep hair out of your face!

    • A day bag for the jungle trek

    • Water bottle and torch

    Safety is the top priority for all our activities. Activities are carefully planned, tested and constantly supervised by qualified instructors at the Adventure Camp. Course equipment is subject to regular on-site safety inspection and you will be trained in basic safety procedures. Each group at the Jungle Weekend will be accompanied by an experienced staff member. In addition, medical centres are close to the campsite. All activities are optional, should you feel uncomfortable about joining in just let one of the SLV.SriLanka team know.