Overnight Post-War Outreach Shadowing Field Trip

This trip, run in conjunction with our partner Samutthana, is an overnight excursion to the culturally unique and less touristic North of Sri Lanka. Here you will have the opportunity to shadow a renowned mental health professional as he works in his local area, treating those with mental illness most affected by the recent 25-year civil war.


The trip begins with a bus journey with your fellow volunteers and SLV.Global staff members to the Northern city of Killinochi where you’ll stay overnight in a hotel before setting off the following morning to meet the doctor and to begin your programme. You’ll accompany the doctor as he consults with service users and creates treatment plans. Each trip is different and at the discretion of the doctor. You may be shadowing in a clinic, in the community or in a hospital. This field trip is fast paced, as some days you and the doctor may see over 20 service users.

SLV Sri Lanka

Why take part?

This trip is designed to give you a different perspective to mental health treatment in Sri Lanka than you may get working in the Southern Province. The North of the country’s population is primarily Tamil and Hindu unlike the majority Sinhala Buddhist community you will work with weekly on projects. The North of the country is also more difficult to access because it’s about 12 hours away from Colombo. As a result few volunteers have managed to visit this fascinating multi-cultural area in a weekend.

What’s there to see?

Upon completion of your shadowing experience, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the exotic, bustling Northern cities at your leisure before returning to your homestay on the Sunday. The stunning beaches of Trincomalee are nearby as is the gorgeous Wilpattu National Park where you can see all the local wildlife in its natural habitat. If you’re looking to do something more cultural you can head up to the ancient city of Jaffna, which feels like a totally different country to the South where you’ll be living.


Book today

It’s a totally unique experience to work and travel in the North of Sri Lanka and we’re thrilled to be able to offer you the chance to explore it whilst getting incredibly relevant Psychology experience at the same time. This trip is offered on a first come, first served basis at an extra cost of £75. Follow this link for more information and to book your place.