To volunteer with us in India, you are required to obtain an e-Business Visa before your placement is scheduled to commence.

Please read the following information in its entirety and let us know if you need further assistance or clarification.

From our recent experience, when applying for a ‘non-tourist visa’ for India, the guidelines are very strict and one mistake can get the visa rejected by immigration. The visa fees are also non-refundable regardless of the outcome of your application. Therefore, to ensure that you are best supported throughout your application process, we have partnered with an external organisation, DJB Visa, who will be applying for your visas online on your behalf.

The steps you will need to follow in order to apply for the e-Business Visa are the following:

  1. Please fill in the Placement Visa Form on your SLV.Global Portal.
    It is important that you ensure all information on this form is correct. We will be downloading this information to apply for your Visa Invitation Letter from our project partners in India. Therefore any mistakes on this form could result in your visa being rejected and you will incur a fee.

  2. Using the information in the above form, we will apply for your invitation letter which you will need in order to start your visa application process. Please do not apply for your visa until you have this information from us.

  3. You will receive an email from us to notify you that your MYKAPS Visa Invitation letter has been uploaded to your SLV.Global Portal.

  4. In the aforementioned email, you will be introduced to Stephen, our liaison from DJB Vivas, who will help process your application.

  5. Please download your MYKAPS Visa Invitation letter and gather the following documents for your application:

1. One recent coloured photograph (JPEG).

• The photo is required to be in the proper format, JPEG, otherwise it will not be accepted.

• It must be dimensions 2inchX2inch size and less than 1MB.

• Make sure it is clear, without any shadows and on a white background (like the picture below).

Business Visa Example

2. One copy of your passport (PDF).

• The picture of the passport needs to be a scanned copy. Not a picture of a passport in someone's hand, or in a passport case. It should be easily readable, in PDF format and less than 300kb.

• It should include 100% of the passport and have no cropped edges.

Click here to see an example.

3. MYKAPS Invitation Letter (PDF).

• This has been added to your SLV.Global Portal and is called “MYKAPS Letter - Your Name”.

• It is the letter with the header “MYRADA KAVERI PRADESHIKA SAMSTHE - (MYKAPS)”.

• Please take the time to check your details are correct in the letter.

4. Completed Questionnaire (word doc).

Download this as a word document and complete all sections.

You can follow this template to help you complete your form.

5. DJB Control card (word doc).

Download this as a word document and complete all sections.

You can follow this template to help you complete your form.

• Please only fill out one row of passenger information, and one row of passport information. You are only applying for one passenger, yourself.

• Do not enter your card details on the document.

• Payment will be taken over the phone by DJB Visas. They will contact you once the visa application process has begun.

6. Once you have compiled the above documents, please send them to Stephen, on [email protected], in order to officially apply for your visa. He is the expert in this field so will be able to check that they meet the requirements and will advise you if any edits need to be made.

Please direct all questions related to your visa to DJBvisa, as they are the experts in this field, but if there’s anything else we can help with please let us know.

Neither DJB Visa nor SLV.Global are responsible for a visa being rejected, as all visas are issued at the discretion of the Indian Immigration Department. Because of this, please ensure you follow the above instructions carefully as the requirements are very specific.