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Clinical and Ancient Psychology Program

Hi, thanks for requesting your SLV.Global Info Pack for our program in India. We hope you find the answers to your questions in the following pages, but if not please reach out to us on [email protected] if there's anything we forgot or if you want further clarification about anything.

Our program in India was created for people who have a passion for global mental health and who are keen to explore how ancient Eastern methods like yoga and meditation can work harmoniously with modern medicine to promote positive mental well-being.

The program, comprised of two parts over two weeks, combines five days of unparalleled insight into global mental health treatment with a further six days exploring Southern India to provide greater context and understanding to your learning.

Our routes for the two-week program change to account for monsoon season. You can check out the two itineraries below.


September - May


June - August




Our educational program in India, run in partnership with one of the largest and most prestigious mental health treatment and research facilities on the continent, and the School of Ancient Wisdom, is perfect for anyone with a keen interest in global mental health and a desire to delve into ancient Eastern psychological methodologies in the very place where they were conceived.

You'll spend the first half of your first week at the remarkably tranquil School of Ancient Wisdom, immersing yourself in interactive, practical workshops on topics like Ancient Yoga for Mental Health, Mindfulness, Laughing Yoga and Self-Actualisation Chakra Meditation. All sessions are run by local professionals, including clinical psychologists who double as yogis, and allow you to explore these traditional methods more deeply to gain an insight into how they can be a powerful tool to promote positive mental health.

This is your chance to get back to basics - decompress and unplug from technology while you enjoy the simple life in this gorgeous, but basic, oasis in the middle of the busy city. Everything from the beds to the food have been thoughtfully designed to help you live your best Ayurvedic life!

The school itself is a haven of calm in the bustling city of Bengaluru, nestled deeply in lush gardens where you can really connect with nature and disconnect from your phone. You'll be served a delicious selection of local food for the duration of the program and will have the chance to sample holistic body treatments, which have been documented to cure any number of ailments and promote overall well-being for over 1200 years. 

The latter part of the first week takes place in the state-of-the-art mental health facilities as well as over thirty separate departments and more than fifteen research centres. Here you'll have an audience with some of the most prominent clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and neuroscientists working in the mental health field in India and beyond.

These intimate sessions are designed to increase your knowledge of global mental health and aim to give context and credence to one of the core principals of one of India’s most prestigious facilities, which is that modern medical advances can work harmoniously with ancient Eastern practices to improve mental health. Through seminars, lectures and Q&A sessions, specialist local clinicians aim to give you as wide an understanding of mental health treatment in India, and greater Asia, as possible.

After five full days of knowledge and skills exchange you'll finally be able to give your brain a break as you travel down to magical Mysore where you can soak up the glorious hustle and bustle of one of India's most beautiful cities. Get lost in the markets, blessed in a temple and henna your hands before indulging in some of the most delicious dosa and other delicacies on the planet!

Mysore is truly a feast for the senses and we've got it all planned, so feel free to switch off and take in as much, or as little, as you fancy. 

Week One Sample

  • A clinical perspective into mindfulness
  • Mindfulness & Acceptance Therapy
  • Self-actualisation meditation
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Breathwork for mental health
  • Introduction at Psychiatric Facility
  • Cultural diversity & mental health systems in India
  • Tour the psychiatry facilities
  • Therapeutic applications of yoga practices for the mentally ill
  • Outpatient Department introduction
  • Integration of ancient medicines in western psychiatry
  • Ayurveda, for mind & body
  • Psychosocial barriers to treatment
  • Multicultural perspectives in working with children & adolescents
  • Visit outreach centre
  • Promoting positive mental health in the community
  • Head to Mysore
Saturday & Sunday
  • Enjoy Mysore

**This is a sample schedule designed to give you an idea of what you can expect. Workshops are subject to change. 




With a culture and history as rich and varied as its topography, the aim of this week is to get better acquainted with the complex country you've just spent a week learning so much about. Get ready to be busy, but not too busy to stop and enjoy some of the most unique experiences India has to offer. 

+ September - May

The second week, spent travelling southern India by land and sea, was added by popular demand. Spending a week learning about Indian culture and how it influences and dictates much of the way society functions is given further context by spending more time exploring this sublimly complex country.

We depart magical Mysore for Wayanad where, on the way, you'll roll through a nature reserve where you've got the chance to spot some tempestuous tigers and elusive elephants before settling in Wayanad where you can literally hike up to the clouds or trek a tea plantation. Fancy a slower pace? Why not cycle through beautiful villages peppered with markets and absorb all the smells and sights of local life in Southern India? You'll be hosted by a local family here and will have the chance to get stuck into the cooking or just relax and observe.

What's next? Glad you asked. We'll stop for two nights in the electric city of Cochin, where the history is as rich and complex as the smells wafting from the gorgeous markets, bursting with spices, antiques and curiosities. Here you can take part in a cooking class, head to one of the nearby beaches for the day or wander the winding streets lined with shops, tea vendors and temples, poking your head in where you wish before finally settling in Alleppy and on the slippy, serpentine backwaters of Kerala where you and your team can laze, feast and take in the stunning sights of the sea on your very own houseboat. You heard us...House. Boat.

+ June - August

The second week, spent travelling southern India, was added by popular demand. Spending a week learning about Indian culture and how it influences and dictates much of the way society functions is given further context by spending more time exploring this sublimly complex country.

We depart magical Mysore for Chikmagalur where, on the way, you'll roll through a nature reserve and a tea plantation before heading to some ancient temples and on to your accommodation for the next two nights, which is a local homestay. Here you'll be hosted by a local family and will have the chance to get stuck into the cooking or just relax and observe. Day two you can chase waterfalls and cavort in caves while soaking up all the gorgeous natural beauty of the landscape.

What's next? Glad you asked. After sampling all the stunning natural beauty of Chikmagalur, we'll head off to Hampi. Hampi is an ancient city where the ruins of various temples pepper the landscape. Fancy climbing a mountain? Matanga Hill is a super spot to catch a sunrise or sunset. If you'd like a slower pace, the history of Hampi is as rich and complex as the smells wafting from the gorgeous markets, bursting with spices, textiles and sumptous street foods.

After two nights in Hampi, you'll board the sleeper train and head back to Bangalore to catch your flight home. Bon Voyage!

This incredible experience was devised to expand both your mind and your horizons all at once.

*** Please note that the Week Two schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions.


Step 1 - Pay a Program Acceptance Fee to confirm your place, due within a week of your acceptance to the team

Program Acceptance Fee £250
Step 2 - Pay a Program Fee due 8 weeks before your program starts.
2 Week Clinical and Ancient Psychology Program
Program Fee £950


We appreciate that joining us in India can be a large financial commitment, but remember, fundraising is a great option for anyone who needs an extra boost. For some tried and tested techniques on how to fundraise please have a look at our Fundraisers Hall of Fame for some success stories from past participants who have done it themselves!

What's Included in Your Program Fees?

+ Accommodation - from homestay to houseboat

The beginning of the first week is spent at the sublimely serene School of Ancient Wisdom and the latter part is spent at supremely comfy local hotel.

For the duration of the Experience Southern India trip your accommodation will vary from homestay to hotel to houseboat and is all included in your fees.

+ Meals - because food is love

You'll be served a delicious selection of local food for the duration of the program.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided throughout the first five days of the program and then breakfast will be included once we arrive in Mysore.

Your breakfast and some meals are provided throughout week two of the program, but this will vary daily. Food is one of the many things that is plentiful and cheap in India. We promise you'll be well fed and for very little.

Throughout the day you'll be busy, but there will be plenty of opportunity to stop for lunch and a plethora of exciting delicacies for you to try. We wouldn't want to hold you back from trying something epic, so lunches are your choice and at your expense.

+ 30 + hours of interactive cross-cultural training and practice

This program runs on a tight schedule because there is so much to experience! You'll be learning from some of the greatest minds in the mental health field and some of the most prestigeous practitioners of Eastern therapies. You'll head home with an arsenal of new information and skills and a deeper understanding of not only global mental health, but how you can better work with your international clients at home. Priceless.

+ Certificate of Learning - proof this is not a holiday!

We will provide you with a certificate of learning for your time on the program. This is 100% unique to our participants and is a big deal.

+ Support - we got you!

Our incredible team will be there to support you the whole time and are on call 24/7.

+ Transportation - by land and by sea!

All transportation within India for the duration of the scheduled program is included in your fees. Any transport in your free time is your responsibility, but tuk tuks are always economical choices.

+ Experience of a lifetime - no exaggeration!

This opportunity is not available anywhere else in the world. With unequaled access to clinical and holistic professionals, as well as the chance to explore the stunning southern coast of India, this experience is truly unique and invaluable to anyone looking to advance thier knowledge of global mental health.

What's Not Included? 

+ Flights

Approximately £200 - £600 (depending on country of origin)

+ EVisa Tourist Visa

You must apply online for your visa no more than 60 days before you depart.

+ Travel Insurance

Safety first!! £30 - £70

+ Spending Money

You may want to just pick up a few souvenirs or you might want to check into a swanky spa for the weekend. Whatever your budget, India remains incredibly affordable.


+ Do I need experience to join the India program?

Because we don't work with service users on this program everyone is welcome to join us irrespective of experience! You'll need a keen interest in global mental health, but that's all.

+ What's an average day like on the India program?

On this educational program no two days are ever the same! You'll be attending exciting lectures by specialists in psychiatry, psychology and neuroscience at a state-of-the-art psychiatric facility as well as delving into Eastern practices like yoga and meditation.

+ Can I just take part in the first week of the program?

Yes you can! Of course we'd love you to join us for both parts of the program, but if your time is limited feel free to join us for just the first seven days at a reduced cost.

+ What should participants wear during the SLV.Global India program?

Please dress smartly and wear long trousers and collared shirts for the beginning part of the placement and for all your activities at the psychiatric facility. Once you start immersing yourself in the ancient practices of yoga and meditation you'll need loose-fitting, comfortable clothing you can stretch out in.

+ What support does SLV.Global provide in India?

We're with you and on call 24/7 during the week and are always around if you have questions or need a bit of extra support during the course of the week.

+ Do I need shots/jabs to go to India?

We're not medical professionals, so we're not able to advise you, but please check with your doctor for the best advice and check this website for more information.

+ Can I fundraise to pay the fees for the India program?

Absolutely! Most of our team make the most of the support their universities offer. From grants to bursaries, it's always worth investigating any options that might be available to you. If you've already finished university we recommed setting up a fundraising page.

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