Where will you be going?

The program begins with a weekend in Budapest, continuing on to historical Zagreb for 4 days and ending with 3 days in the Croatian coastal city of Sibenik.

Where is the closest airport?

Your closest airport for your inbound flight will be Budapest (BUD) in Hungary. Participants are welcome to arrive at the first accommodation on the first Friday between 3pm - 9pm.

The closest airport for your outbound flight will be Split (SPU) in Croatia. The program will finish at midday on the second Sunday, so if you are planning to leave on this day then we suggest booking a flight after 7pm. It will take approximately an hour and a half to get to Split airport by bus. Transport to Split airport will not be provided, however you can organise transport with other participants of the program.

Where do participants meet the team?

We are asking participants to arrive at the hostel to meet the team and get settled in. You will be emailed the address of the accomodation prior to your program start date.

It will take approximately 1 hour to travel here from Budapest airport by bus, or around 30 minutes by taxi. Our team will be there to meet you. Please let us know what time you are planning to arrive, by filling in the Arrivals form on your SLV.Global Portal. We will provide you with the contact numbers of our staff team so you can let us know if there are any delays.

Where will I be staying?

In all locations, you will live together with other participants of the Program in shared dormitory accommodation. You will have evenings free to explore the sights for yourselves.

What should participants wear during the program?

Please dress smartly for the visits to the Psychiatric hospitals and organisations. It will be summertime and will be hot so feel free to wear clothes that are lightweight - think "would a Mental Health Professional wear this?". Smart sandals will be appropriate for workshops and visits.

For the yoga and meditation, you'll need loose-fitting, comfortable clothing you can stretch in.

During your free time, you are welcome to wear comfortable, breezy clothes. If you wish to wear strappy tops and shorts, this is your time!

What kind of luggage should I bring?

Due to the nature of the program, we will be moving around a lot between cities and hostels, so we recommend bringing a hand luggage sized bag / suitcase as it will make the moving process easier.

Do I need a visa?

Visas will be necessary depending on where you will be travelling from. Please check to see if you will need a visa from your home country.

How much spending money do I need?

We suggest around £15 - 20 per day for both lunch and dinner. The tap water is safe to drink in Croatia & Hungary, so we would suggest bringing a reusable water bottle to fill up and you're good to go! Your evenings are free to do as you please and a night out can cost as much or as little as you choose!