Peer Supporter at University

SLVeteran Rebecca

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Education: Psychology, University of Bath - UK

SLV.Global Placement: Sri Lanka Placement

Current Role: "I am now a student volunteer within my department running weekly support sessions to lower years for academic help, as well as helping on a research project."

Tell us about your SLV.Global experience: "My time with SLV.Global was unforgettable - I truly felt blessed to be given such an incredible opportunity. I gained so much experience, not just in psychology but also in life, and made memories and friends that I have for life."

Tell us what you gained from your SLV.Global Placement: "Even if I don't go into clinical psychology, I have learnt how to adapt my understanding to fit another culture. How to work flexibly and adapt a plan to the situation. One of the biggest skills I learnt was how to communicate just through body language and movement, due to the language barrier, but this can help day-to-day in the messages I give to people through my body, as well as interacting with special needs children and adults."

Aurora Trentin