Paediatric Psychology Researcher

SLVeteran Breanna

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Education: Psychology - University of New Mexico, USA

SLV.Global Placement: Advanced Placement, Sri Lanka

Current role: I am currently working on a paediatric psychology research lab (which I have worked on for the last year). I also have been doing some volunteering within a local food bank/homeless sanctuary.

Tell us about your SLV.Global experience: My experience with SLV.Global was life changing, to say the least. I was able to see the true need and impact that volunteers can have in such an under-served community. I also saw, first-hand, what an enormous role that socio-cultural factors have on mental health care and perception of mental illness.

Tell us what you gained from the placement: I have learned a lot about cultural considerations when viewing mental health treatments, as well as working with a vast variety of people with all levels of affliction. Additionally, I learned about being put outside my comfort zone in order to do good for others, which will be helpful in all of my future endeavours.