Research Assistant

SLVeteran Emma

Emma Lawrence

Education: Psychology, Australian Catholic University - AU

SLV.Global Placement: Peer Mentor

Current Role: "Since placement, I have become a full time research assistant in a cognition and emotion research center, focusing on older adults. I have also just joined the local State Emergency Services (SES) unit as a volunteer to learn new hands on skills and to give back to my community."

Tell us about your SLV.Global experience: "My experience with SLV.Global was one I will cherish forever. I had a fantastic experienced filled with maple opportunities. working within the community allowed me to learn so much about global mental health. The people you meet become your closest friends, my homestay became my family, and the country became me home away from home. A fantastic overall experience tat i will recommend to everyone looking to travel, experience and be challenged in a new culture."

Tell us what you gained from your SLV.Global Placement: "During my time in Sri Lanka, I had the opportunity to experience several different projects weekly. These different projects allowed me to experience hand on involvement with a range of different populations, including special needs, aged care, and psychiatric institutes with many rehabilitation wards. Skills that I learnt included; planning strategic and well formulated session plans prior to each project, to ensure we were tailoring each class to a psychological benefit for everyone involved. Other skill I learnt involved how to manage a big class when some students may be misbehaving, learning some Sinhalese definitely came useful in these situations. I also learnt new ways to communicate in a range if different settings, for example, non verbal, music therapy, mediation and yoga. I have learnt and experienced so much more in Sri Lanka, especially a lot of personal growth, some days and weeks can be hard away from home, you are sometimes physically exhausted from the heat and long weekends. Overall I never thought I could experience so many new opportunities that would lead to new skills that I can use in the future, as i did in Sri Lanka."

Aurora Trentin