Mental Health Care Assistant & Action Homeless Volunteer

SLVeteran Ellie

SLVeteran Ellie

Education: Psychology, University of Bristol

SLV.Global Placement: Advanced Placement, Sri Lanka

Current Role: "I now work as a Mental Health Care Assistant and a Volunteer for Action Homeless"

Tell us about your SLV.Global experience: "My experience with SLV was a once in a lifetime opportunity that opened my eyes to the lack of but potential for global mental health services. The people, both SLV staff and local Sri Lankan's, made my experience what it was and I hope I will someday repay them in some way."

Tell us what you gained from your SLV.Global Placement: “My experience in Sri Lanka helped to develop my team working and collaborative skills through working with other volunteers to plan and run sessions. I also learned techniques to better my nonverbal communication skills so I can interact with people without language becoming a barrier. Organisation was also important in planning each session, getting necessary resources and arriving at each project on time. All of these skills are fundamental to pursuing my goal of working for an NGO that provides psychological therapies to people living in developing countries after a period of natural disaster or conflict.”

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