Instructor at Breakthrough Autism

SLVeteran Kaitlin

Kaitlin Coker

Education: Psychology & Sociology, Dalhousie University - CA

SLV.Global Placement: Bali Placement

Current Role: "I got a job at Breakthrough Autism as an instructor helping children with autism right after the placement"

Tell us about your SLV.Global experience: "I recently completed the four week SLV.Global mental health placement in Bali, Indonesia. The Placement exceeded my expectations. SLV.Global has placements in Sri Lanka, India, and Bali helping those with mental health needs. SLV.Global provides psychology students and graduates from around the world the opportunity to gain valuable, practical experience in the mental health sector whilst being immersed in a unique and exciting culture. Over four weeks in Bali the SLV.Global team and I worked in the only psychiatric facility in Bali along with in a schizophrenic facility, a centre for children with developmental disorders, and many other facilities to promote positive psychology and help the mental health of those without the proper care or resources. Together we worked everyday on sessions to help build the people suffering up and to bring them joy. It was beyond rewarding being able to use my experience in the field of psychology and my psychology degree from Dalhousie University towards helping those in need in Bali. Working in the facilities was extremely rewarding. Everyone on the SLV.Global team were incredibly supportive and guided us to do our job To the best of our ability. I am so grateful I was able to participate in this experience I made some life long friends and had the trip of a lifetime."

Tell us what you gained from your SLV.Global Placement: "I gained experience in the field of psychology, the value of teamwork, and the impact a smile can have on individuals."

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