Adult Mental Health Worker

SLVeteran James

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Education: Psychology, Leiden University - Netherlands

SLV.Global Placement: Advanced Placement, Sri Lanka

Current Role: "I now work three days a week in an adult mental health hospital and two days a week in a Social Care Support unit for people will intellectual disabilities. I also volunteer two nights a week with a suicide hotline."

Tell us about your SLV.Global experience: "In Sri Lanka I learned so much about working in mental health, about different cultures, working with others, and i also learned a lot about myself. The experience was so challenging in many different ways, but working in Sri Lanka changed my perspective and I feel my experiences there will help me in my professional roles in the future."

Tell us what you gained from your SLV.Global Placement: "I learned the importance of body language, and how common language is not necessary to communicate with others. I learned about thinking on my feet, problem solving and being creative in an environment that lacks facilities. I also learned to be flexible, and I improved my skills of adapting to new situations."