Psychology Graduate

SLVeteran Natalie

Education: Psychology - Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

SLV.Global Placement: Advanced Placement, Sri Lanka

Current Role: Psychology Graduate

Tell us about your SLV.Global experience: 'Whilst sitting at my home in London speaking to my family about my time in Sri Lanka, my eyes fill with tears reminiscing about the six weeks I have spent there. I realise I will miss everything from the constant unnecessary beeping of buses, to the continuous curiosity of people asking why I am in their country, to the delightful bread man waking me up every single morning at 5am, to that not so cute bird chirping all day every day.'

'To being served curry 5 times a week for five weeks. To even having to eat curry at the weekends sometimes because we didn't trust any western food places. To the minimalistic breakfast consisting of bananas, bread and jam we were served every single morning for five weeks. To the excruciatingly cold showers I had every day worrying if a cockroach is going to fly in. To the terrifying bus and tuk tuk rides having to hold on for dear life, to the ridiculously cheap transport and food prices. To all the colourful tropical fruit that is sold on the side of the streets.'

'To the long 8/9 hour journeys we decided to undertake to reach our destinations at the weekends. To the weird and funny conversations we'd have on our long journeys. To the breathtaking views I was lucky enough to experience. To the amount of mosquitoes that bit me and different insects I have come across. To all the interesting and sometimes challenging projects I was involved in, and all the sweet and ever so smiley children I worked with. To all the volunteers I met on projects, chatted to for hours finding things out about them along the way, to the staff members I had the chance of meeting.'

'To the most amazing week I spent travelling around Sri Lanka, meeting interesting and funny people I may never see again, listening to their stories that I will never hear again. To my homestay mum who smiled at everything we said. And most importantly to my most amazing homestay who made every single minute worthwhile. My experience in Sri Lanka would have been nowhere near as good if it wasn't for them and all our banter. And finally SLV.Global, thank you so much for this opportunity. Sri Lanka, you will be dearly missed, I will be back soon!! Sri Lankan love ❤'