Assistant Psychologist

SLVeteran Merryn

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SLV.Global Placement: Clinical and Ancient Psychology Program, India

Current Role: "Before I went on the placement, I had just started working as an Assistant Psychologist at a community-interest company that aims to increase accessibility to psychological services for people from different ethnic backgrounds. My placement in India has really enhanced my work in this role with a much more detailed understanding of how people from India interact with mental health services."

Tell us about your SLV.Global experience: "I really valued how the placement allowed me to experience India as a country (more than I would if I went as a tourist alone!) as well as enhancing my experiences as an aspiring Clinical Psychologist. It was the perfect combination. It also developed me more as a person in terms of meeting new people and developing even more independence. "

Tell us what you gained from the placement: "I learned a great deal about how people from India interact with mental health services which will really enhance my practise when working with those people at home. I also developed skills in interacting with new people, independence in travelling and openness to new experiences. Most noticeably, I developed confidence to continue travelling to different placements to further my understanding of clinical psychology in different cultures."