Global Health Liaison

SLVeteran Monse

Education: Psychology - Georgia Gwinnett College, USA

SLV.Global Placement: Mental Health Placement, September 2015

Current Role: 'Since my mental health placement in Sri Lanka, I have interned with the International Rescue Committee and the United Nations Association as a Global Health Liaison.'

Tell us about your SLV.Global experience: 'My experience with SLV was incredible. It was so eye-opening and I gained so many new friends and skills. Being one of the only Americans in my mental health placements, I gained so many new relationships and really enjoyed volunteering in the mental health field.'

Tell us what you gained from the placement: 'I learned so much from the placement in Sri Lanka. I learned how to work in a developing community as well as gaining global competencies. Additionally, I learned how to teach English and facilitate brain stimulating exercises. SLV helped enhance my CV/Resume. Working in an international setting has opened many opportunities to work with other international non-profits and NGO's.'