Student Ambassador and Mentor

SLVeteran Chloe

Education: Psychology - University of Lancaster, UK

SLV.Global Placement: Advanced Placement, Sri Lanka

Current Role: 'After I returned from my placement, I began my third year of University. However, I also gained a job within the University as both a Student Ambassador and mentor for prospective students.'

Tell us about your SLV.Global experience: 'I had an amazing time with SLV.Global on the Advanced Placement. I learnt so much about the Sri Lankan culture, made lots of new friends and also had the chance to travel such a beautiful country. The placements were a fantastic opportunity to experience teaching and mental health from a completely new perspective and made me appreciate many aspects of my life so much more than I did before.'

Tell us what you gained from your placement: 'Both in my written CV and in interviews for both the jobs I received at Uni I was able to use examples from my placement within the interview to display a range of different skills. I also used SLV.Global as a reference which was very useful.' 'I have taken away so many skills from SLV.Global that I use today. Lesson planning taught me organisation skills and working to a time frame, travelling and planning weekend trips gave me independence and the experience of a new culture, teaching projects gave me so much more confidence and most of the projects gave me experience with working in unknown situations and how to use my initiative to resolve problems. Most importantly, I also took away the calm, peaceful nature of the Sri Lankan culture and whenever life gets a bit stressful, I take a moment to remember to relax - life is too short to be stressed'