Research Assistant

SLVeteran Carly

Education: Psychology - Central Michigan University, USA

SLV.Global Placement: Advanced Placement, Sri Lanka

Current Role: 'Since I got back from my amazing trip to Sri Lanka I have landed a job as a Research Assistant on a PTSD study at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center.'

Tell us about your SLV.Global experience: 'I could not have been more impressed with SLV.Global! I got to dive in to the realm of psychology in a different culture that I would normally never have the chance to experience. I learned an incredible amount of information on the psychology of the people in Sri Lanka, the way psychology is viewed, and the measures that people go to help one another. SLV.Global gave me the opportunity to explore a new country all while making friends to last a life time during an educational experience.'

Tell us what you gained from the placement: 'The vast difference between psychology in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka in America is probably my biggest take away from my experience with SLV.Global. I am very appreciative of the mental health care we have here in America, and hope that Sri Lanka and other underdeveloped nations can provide such care for their citizens. Adding this incredible educational experience to my CV has help boost my CV to a worldly educational document.'