SLV Student Ambassador

SLVeteran Evelyn


Education: Psychology - University of Sheffield, UK

Current Role: Final Year Student and SLV Student Ambassador

SLV.Global Placement: Advanced Placement, Sri Lanka

Tell us about your SLV.Global experience: ‘It has been really an interesting and rewarding experience for me to take part in the advanced placement with SLV.Global from June-August 2014. Not to mention those workshops, seminars in conjunction with Samutthàna, the King’s College London Resource Centre for Trauma, Displacement and Mental Health. I was quite inspired by the meditation therapy and many intriguing topics related to clinical psychology. With 24/7 living together with psychology students/graduates fellows, I did assimilated into with home students and local people under a socialising context, meantime got involved into the field as an academic and professional at psychiatric units and mental health residential care homes. To be specific, I worked mainly in different teams for weekly preparation of classes as well as teaching children in special needs and interactive activities with patients. Usually the day before the class, we gathered around to discuss the materials and content we needed for next day. Many thanks to SLV’s support all the time, offering me the opportunity on volunteering experience and be inspired in that summer, but also reminds me to keep being reflective and improved myself always. Last but not least, Sri Lanka is a very nice country with splendidly beautiful beach. Could not forget the Unawatuna beach in the city of Galle, I spent a great weekend with my roommates as well as working fellows. Definitely want to go there again!’

Tell us what you gained from the placement: ‘Particularly I developed my presentation skills and improvisation skills when was sometimes poised to assume a leadership role through community coaching and social work. Moreover, I delivered the tasks collaboratively with my team and organised my team members to improvise for reacting to emergencies if there was insufficiency of staff or materials during the teaching and work. My identity of being an Asian international student gave me more awareness to find the common values and difference to culture in Sri Lanka that my knowledge about psychology grasped in the UK could be applied into practice. Therefore, I developed my flexibility to adapt myself into new environment and hold an understanding about cross-cultural difference that has been significantly important all the time. It really did give me more understanding of clinical psychology in terms of cultural difference, and also set up a cornerstone for my later work and academic research that pay attention on the interaction between people from different cultural backgrounds in the workplace. So this two-months placement, indeed paved the way for my current choice of a career or a Master study for become an Internationally focused HR or Occupational Psychologist. I wish to share knowledge and resources across the globe and break down barriers across borders by taking account of the many differences in the way people think, act and respond across different continents and cultures.’