Psychology Graduate

SLVeteran Tabiyah

Education: Psychology - University of Manchester, UK

SLV.Global Placement: Advanced Placement, Sri Lanka

Current Role: I'm currently a graduate hoping for a role as a mental health school support TA

Tell us about your SLV.Global experience: 'A whole year has passed since I embarked on the journey of a lifetime. I remember every moment so clearly. The morning of the flight with every possible thing that could go wrong but that couldn’t stop my excitement for this adventure. I arrived in Sri Lanka to the most surreal feeling I ever experienced, being hit by the August heat I found myself welcomed by the permanent team in green. As we drove through the country I took every opportunity to absorb this country, its palm trees overlooking as we made our way to the homestay. This country truly was lassanai! I arrived before any of my housemates, blessed with some of the greatest girls I’ll ever meet, they truly made this experience all that more perfect. Every project and every weekend opened itself to a new adventure.'

Tell us what you gained from the placement: 'I was able to learn about not only a wonderful culture but also about myself. SLV.Global encourages you out of your comfort zone into things you never imagined you could enjoy. Every project touched me so much that even a year later I miss so many of the service users immensely. While I was out there I had the opportunity to offer some extra help and donations this was such a wonderful experience, whether it was having dinner with the service users or helping them with resources I loved every moment of the experience. Words can’t express the sheer joy every moment of this trip brings me and although it brings out my soppy side when I think about it I would relish the opportunity to go back and do it all over again.'

On my last day I shared a poem with my Sri Lanka Chica’s which I think would perfectly describe our experience: 

Five weeks ago we made our way

Who would have thought we’d be here today

We packed our bas and flew across seas

To be together as SLVs

We met in Homagama all tired and hot

New faces new food we took in the lot

Our first time sitting at this table

Nisha’s homestay as our Sri Lankan label

As the days went on we learnt together

Under this sunny Sri Lankan weather

Friendships blossomed oh so fast

Who would have thought today was our last.

You’re the greatest girls I’ve had the pleasure to meet

Amidst this dire Sri Lankan heat

We travelled the country seeing it all

With your support I happily stood tall

From Ella to Kandy and many more

The fun we had while we went on tour

Stuck together for five short weeks

Though the cheers the cries and the happiest eeekks

Each project brought along the greatest satisfaction

Seeing each and every service users reaction

Every moment made worth while

Seeing their wonderful faces with a smile

Each moment ill cherish forever

From this wonderful adventurous endeavour

The memories I’ve made I’ll never forget

In my heart they are comfortably set.

This was truly the greatest experience ever!