Acquiring Your Visa

Now to start some paperwork. This document should give you all the information you need to obtain your Indonesian Social Visa. Regardless of the fact that you are obtaining a Social Visa, please don’t mention that you are taking part in a volunteer programme or about any of the work that you will be doing in Bali, this can lead to complications at Immigration. We find it’s far easier to just let Immigration know about the exciting things you have planned for your weekends; you know, beaches and backpacking. 

All of our Mental Health Placements in Bali run for a total of 28 days. In order to volunteer in Bali and visit social organisations you are required to obtain a Social Visa. This process for getting this visa can be slightly different depending upon which country you are applying from, so it is worth taking some time to get your head around this now.

Visa Steps

Step 1: 5 months before placement- Check to make sure you know where your passport is and that it is valid for 6 months from the day you are entering Indonesia. If not, please renew it. 

Step 2: 4 months before placement-Fill in the Online Social Visa Form* on your Participant Portal and upload a clear copy of your passport picture page. 

Step 3: 3 months before placement- SLV.Global will submit your details to our visa sponsor in Bali. Once your details have been processed you will be issued a sponsorship letter with your name on it which allows you to continue your application. In the mean time you can begin gathering the additional supporting documents you will need for your application. (see info below) 

Step 4: 2.5 months before placement- We’ll email you a copy of the sponsorship letter. Congrats! You can now submit the letter, with the rest of your supporting documents and apply for your Indonesian Social Visa (see how below) 

Step 5: 4 weeks before placement- You should now have your Social Visa. Please upload a clear copy/photo of the visa to the SLV.Global Portal.

Step 6: 1 week before placement- Please photocopy your visa, along with the photo page of your passport and the sponsorship letter and pack those to take with you to Bali. 

Step 7:  1-0 days before placement- Fly to Bali and keep a copy of your outbound flight details and a copy of the visa letter somewhere in your carry-on luggage so you can access it. Immigration may want to see it.

Applying for your Indonesian Visa

How to Apply for your Social Visa

You can apply for your Social Visa at your closest Indonesian embassy/consulate once we e-mail you a copy of your visa sponsorship letter illustrated above in step 4. To do this, you will also need to submit a number of additional documents supporting your application along with your sponsorship letter. The additional documentation will vary slightly depending on which country you are applying. Generally, however they will all require the following:

  • Letter from Indonesian Sponsor granting you permission to apply for a ‘Social Visa’. You cannot apply for this visa without this letter so please wait for us to email this to you first.
  • 2 Passport Photos: 4.5 x 3.5cm
  • £45.00- (about $60 USD, $80 AUD or €50 but this is embassy dependent so may vary). You can pay by card at your local Indonesian embassy/consulate or send it along with your documents as a Postal Order. They do not accept cheques.
  • Social Visa application form– These are embassy dependent and will vary slightly based on which embassy you apply from. Read on for help with questions.
  • Your Passport (valid for 6 months from date you leave Indonesia)
  • Outbound Flight Details – proof you are going to be leaving the country.

This list is not exhaustive, please make sure to research your embassy for the full list of documents. We have filled in a few templates of the most used embassies to try and help you. However you can find most of the information you need from these templates if you are applying from elsewhere. 

Special Delivery envelope

If you‘re posting your application this will take longer than 7 days as you need to account for the time it will be in transit. It’s essential you send your documents Special Delivery. Remember to include an extra pre-paid, pre-stamped Special Delivery envelope with your address on it for your passport to be returned in. Without this, the embassy will NOT return your passport to you. We’ve learnt this the hard way!

Global Applications

How to Apply for your Social Visa

Applying for your visa is slightly different based on which country you are applying in. Which means if you are traveling before your placement and you are unable to get your visa before you will need to make arrangements to collect your visa whilst on your travels. You will need to make sure you check the requirements for the Indonesian Embassy you want to collect your visa from. 

The best way to find out where your local Indonesian embassy is located is to Google it and then gauge when you can visit the embassy. As it takes 3-7 days for your visa to be processed please remember to budget your time appropriately. 

If you need help figuring out a plan feel free to email us on

Your Visa Agreement SLV.Global are partnered with a variety of government institutions in Bali. 

All volunteers’ visas are sponsored and therefore volunteers are required to commit themselves to the following:

  • Volunteer and participate with only SLV.Global approved projects.
  • Not to engage in any journalistic activities (film, print or social media).
  • Not engage in any illegal activity or behaviour that may bring SLV.Global into disrepute.
  • Social Visa application form– These are embassy dependent and will vary slightly based on which embassy you apply from. Read on for help with questions.
  • Not take leave from the placement before your placement completion date, this may result in SLV.Global cancelling your visa and you being deported

*If you’ve made a mistake and SLV.Global have to re-apply for a sponsorship letter on your behalf, you will be charged an extra administrative fee of £45/€50/$60. This will cover the sponsorship application fee, and also any further transport or staffing costs incurred by this. So please follow the instructions carefully!

Arrival Card

When you land at the airport you will be asked to fill out an arrivals card. 

Under the purpose of visit section please check the box marked ‘Holiday’ Under the accommodation section please check the box marked ‘apartment’. For the address in Indonesia section SLV.Global will provide you with an address 1 month prior to your placement commencing. 

(Departure card – you can leave this section blank as it is only relevant for when you leave Indonesia)

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