Brief Description of Organisation

SLV.Global is a mental health organisation that has been sending students and graduates overseas since 2010. Our placements are designed to provide valuable work experience in the mental health sector as well as promoting positive mental health within the communities where we work.

To give you a bit more information about what our SLV.Bali placement entails, we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions for parents and guardians. We’re always available to speak to you, but would prefer to liaise with the individual taking part in the placement to avoid any confusion and promote the clear communication, which is essential to anyone joining us on the team.

What will they be doing?

Volunteers will be working in Bali in partnership with government medical facilities and special needs services. Our volunteers work in a variety of settings in existing centers and run therapeutic activities for individuals with a wide range of mental health issues and disabilities.

The first week of the placement is dedicated to increasing volunteers’ knowledge and confidence so they’re ready to plan and run effective activities at their projects. They will be given advice on how to work at various projects, from occupational therapy, to working with children, and will be learning about Indonesia’s culture and language.

From the second week onward, volunteers work at a minimum of six different weekly projects throughout the duration of their placement. These vary from psychiatric facilities to makeshift classrooms - our projects are diverse and the service users volunteers will be working with are of various ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Where will they be working?

Bali is a relatively small island, taking only a few hours to drive across. Our team will be working in several centers across the island and, due to the nature of the placement, they may also be working on neighbouring islands. We have a constant support team of trained staff in Bali on hand to assist volunteers throughout the duration of their placement.

Where will they be living?

Our volunteers live in homestays with a Balinese family and as part of the local community during the working week (Mon - Fri). All of our volunteers will live with others taking part on the same placement as well as some of our Peer Mentor team. Senior in-country management will also visit every week and London HQ is also in contact throughout their placement.

Volunteers will find their own accommodation for Friday & Saturday nights each week, but this is an amazing chance to explore the island with other volunteers. 

What's communication like?

There is no Wi-Fi access in the homestay. However, 3G is widely available and fairly reliable. All volunteers will be required to purchase a local SIM card to keep in touch with the SLV.Bali team during their placement. Nearby cafes and restaurants have WIFI that volunteers can use while they plan their sessions or while they’re chilling out with a latte. Volunteers will also likely find Wi-Fi while travelling at weekends.

Is it safe?

Our volunteers’ safety is our top priority and we have excellent exit strategies in place should the unexpected occur.We also always recommend checking the Foreign Travel Office for the most up to date information about travel before the placement is set to begin.

Volunteers are never scheduled to travel alone during the week and should not be doing so at the weekend either. We are on the other end of the phone 24/7 should any incident occur and we will provide the best support we can. Volunteers have the numbers of all local police and are advised to be mindful of their surroundings, especially after dark.

Why does it cost to volunteer?

As much as we would love to provide participants with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience within global mental health and fully immerse themselves in a new, vibrant culture, free of charge - we can’t.

The fees cover the homestay accommodation, food training, support, and transport we provide. We also feel it is important to financially support the lovely SLV.Bali permanent team who supports each volunteer throughout their placement.

We believe in providing a safe, comfortable and ethical experience for volunteers. We are confident that the experience we provide, is second to none.

Can you visit?

Of course you can visit Indonesia while they are on placement. However, please be advised that our volunteers are extremely busy during the week and cannot travel alone.

If you want to see your loved one, the best time to do this is at the weekend, and they will need to be home by 9:30pm on Sunday. This curfew is explicit, as are the reasons we don’t approve of volunteers travelling alone, so please respect these rules and help us by upholding them.

What if they get sick?

We always take ill volunteers to doctors who speak English, so we can easily communicate and get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Volunteers need to take out their own travel insurance for the duration of their placement to cover them should they injure themselves or become ill.

What support is available?

From the time they are picked up at the airport, to the end of their placement, we have a great support system in place. There are Peer Mentors and Supervisors who live with volunteers and provide day-to-day support. The permanent SLV.Bali team are also around to help volunteers to projects and get to grips with the culture. Management is always just a phone call away and the London office are also in contact throughout their placement.

What will they get?

This is very much about the volunteer. If they put everything in to their time with us they’ll get a greater understanding of cross-cultural relations, they’ll have gained valuable hands-on work experience in their chosen field of study, and they’ll have made a few friends and lots of lifetime memories. They’ll also be awarded with a certificate of participation and a reference from us upon successful completion of their placement.

We hope this document has been useful, but if you'd like to know more, please check us out online. For more information about us, our placements and more please check out our YouTube channel.

Why SLV.Global?

We deliver what we promise, but you don’t have to take our word for it - check out over 600 reviews on our Facebook page alone.

We have always welcomed our volunteers’ and participants’ feedback, which has allowed us to grow and improve over the years to help maintain and ensure our participants’ safety and optimise their experience. As such we are proud to have been rated among GoAbroad’s Top Volunteer Abroad Programs in 2017 and 2018.