What is Adventure Break?

Your Adventure Break takes place on your first week in Bali and is a great chance you you to get to know your new team mates. You'll be staying in classic but comfy traditional huts in the heart of the Balinese jungle. 

This break is designed to both challenge you and help you bond as a team. From white-water rafting to team building games, after this fun-fuelled 2 days, you and your team will be able to work as one and absolutely smash those projects!

Duration:  2 days, 1 night.


Activities at a glance:

Safety is the top priority for all our activities. Activities are carefully planned, tested and constantly supervised by qualified instructors at the Adventure Camp. Course equipment is subject to regular on-site safety inspection and you will be trained in basic safety procedures. Each group at the Adventure Break will be accompanied by an experienced staff member. In addition, medical centres are close to the campsite.

All activities are optional and should you feel uncomfortable about taking part, please just let one of the SLV.Bali team know.

What to Bring

This is not a compulsory list, but volunteers have found the following items useful in the past.

+ Essentials

1x bath towel/beach towel

1x Culturally appropriate outfit (long, loose trousers and a loose t-shirt) to keep dry for travelling back to the village from the Adventure Camp.

1x hoody/jumper/long trousers - it can get a little chilly at night

1x swim suit

DEET bug spray


Toiletries - toothbrush & paste, shampoo & conditioner, shower gel etc.

Basic medical supplies - painkillers, plasters, oral rehydration salts (any medicines you normally use!)

A day bag for the jungle trek if you wish

Water bottle and torch

Clothes that are quick drying, as you can reuse clothes for multiple activities, but not if they stay wet!

+ Team Building/Cultural Games

1x t-shirt

1x shorts/ loose trousers

1x sturdy shoes - trainers are great

+ White Water Rafting

1x t-shirt - if you wish

1x shorts/ loose trousers - if you wish

1x swimming costume

1x shoes - a pair you don't mind getting wet. Flip-flops/sandals are great, but please be aware there are a few steps to get to the rafting.

+ Jungle Trekking/ Mud-games

1x sturdy shoes (they will get wet) - The trek isn’t particularly arduous but can be slippery and muddy. Your feet should be adequately supported.

1x swimsuit for the mud-games. Please be aware it will get muddy!

1x t-shirt

1x shorts or loose trousers