Yasintha Rathnayake

SLV Sri Lanka Co-Founder

Yasintha Co-Founded SLV Sri Lanka in 2010 and has since continued to play an integral role in the growth of the Mental Health Placement in Sri Lanka ensuring that SLV work in an ethical and sustainable fashion in the communities that we serve. After graduating with both a degree in Human Resources and Social Work, Yasintha has been invited to speak around the world to promote the value of volunteering.

For almost as long as Yasintha can remember she has been volunteering, whether it was for her local community or her temple. This work has not gone unnoticed and Yasintha has been given many awards for her commitment to improving the lives of the people in Sri Lanka, including Young Volunteer of the Year sponsored by the UN.

Before SLV Yasintha was working as a field manager for a UN implementation group travelling the length and breadth of Sri Lanka working with communities marginalised by poverty and circumstance. In 2010 Yasintha received the call from Mr Neil inviting her to return to the western province to assist with what was the beginning of SL Volunteers. As someone who has always valued the work of volunteering, Yasintha works tirelessly to support volunteers to ensure they feel welcome and supported in her home country.

As SLV Sri Lanka grew Yasintha began hiring other young graduates, hungry for employment and opportunity. Yasintha currently manages a team of over 30 Staff that work around the clock to ensure volunteers in Sri Lanka are kept safe, work effectively in projects and that everyone has time for fun!

More recently Yasintha founded the SLV India educational program in Bangalore. After visiting India for a Social Work conference Yasintha began to dream about running a project there. In November 2016, Yasintha travelled to India and slowly began formulating partnerships with Mental Health organisations there. With a passion for yoga and meditation, Yasintha is enjoying witnessing people learn more about Eastern approaches to promote positive mental health.

Paul Jones