Director of Operations/Co-founder SLV.Bali
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Lee came to London from the USA in 2003 and not long after began working in the charity sector. Lee’s experience in the third sector, complemented by her counselling and teaching qualifications, have helped to shape SLV.Global policy since she joined the team in 2013. Lee oversees the international team in every country where we work as well as the head office in London.

Lee makes sure everything is running smoothly by liaising with each of the in-country management teams and helps to make improvements to placements and procedures after scouring the volunteer feedback.

Lee has worked her way up at SLV.Global from a volunteer coordinator in Sri Lanka to Head of Operations due to her ability to remain cool under pressure and the way she can see the positive side of anything. She is a founding member of the Bali team and manages the recruitment of all future volunteers and support staff across all teams.

Lee has experience working with adolescents with mental health issues as well as with individuals with specific needs. Lee also has her CELTA qualification, which helped her to develop our teaching syllabuses. 

“My favourite part of my job is the time I get to spend with volunteers. They work so hard and it's incredible to see the progression from when a volunteer arrives in country a little bit timid and apprehensive and then leaves absolutely crushing it. Witnessing that journey is my favourite thing in the world. Ever."


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