Pre-Placement Support Manager


David joined SLV in 2015 as our Sri Lankan Operations Manager and is responsible for supervising and planning all placements within the country. He's now moved location to SLV Bali to run the show for 2017. David does all the operational planning and management, including safety, logistics, transport, supervising volunteer staff and managing relationships with projects.

David’s first experience of volunteering abroad was in Sub-Saharan Africa where he spent a few years volunteering and working with projects involved in education and community development in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. After his lengthy stint abroad he returned to the UK for two years where he managed numerous overseas volunteering projects.

With a wealth of experience, David has played an integral role in the development of SLV’s safety procedures and as engaging as we all find his risk assessment talks David’s true talent is running an awesome social whether that be making a BBQ out of a shopping cart, running talent show or cutting some epic shapes on the dance floor!

“My favourite part of the job is being part of SLV's culture. I just love that we are a values led organisation. Every decision we make, we are always considering how to better support and empower the volunteers in their efforts, in order to derive the maximum benefit for the clients and projects we work with”

Paul Jones