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Partnerships Liaison


Claudia joined the SLV.Global Head Office in London shortly after completing her Mental Health placement in Sri Lanka. She volunteered for 3 months on the Advanced placement, applying the knowledge she acquired during her Psychology Degree at University of Hull, and her previous experience working with children with SEN. 

She first joined the team as a Volunteer Happiness Officer, interviewing prospective volunteers and answering queries via email and over the phone, but was quickly promoted to University Liaison thanks to her outgoing personality and her outstanding ability to organise multiple events for students looking to join SLV.Global.

Claudia is now SLV.Global Ambassadors' go-to person for all their needs and concerns regarding University recruitment.

"I really enjoy hearing people's enthusiasm and reminiscing about my time on placement when volunteers ask questions. I also really enjoy being part of the recruitment team, helping Ambassadors spread the word about our placements."

Aurora Trentin