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Volunteer Happiness Officer

Shanice first joined the SLV Global team on the Foundation Placement in Sri Lanka in 2015, and upon returning to the UK, started working as an intern in the London Office helping with daily admin tasks. Her passion for everything SLV Global made sure she returned to a placement the following year, joining the SLV Bali team on its second-ever team, and helping us in establishing our Bali Placement. 

Shanice has since returned to the UK, enrolled in a Master's in Therapeutic Counselling, and is our resident expert on both placements in Sri Lanka and Bali, having taken part in both. She continues to work part-time in the London Office as a Volunteer Happiness Officer, assisting the team with interviewing new volunteers and answering their pre-departure queries.

"My favourite part about interviewing potential volunteers is finding out about all of the interesting experiences that they already have and hearing the passion for mental health in their voices."

Aurora Trentin