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SLV.Global - Volunteer Support Supervisor

Natalie first joined SLV.Global on the 12-week Graduate Mental Health placement in Sri Lanka in 2013 after completing her Undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Psychology from University of Warwick. Her enthusiasm and all-round loveliness made her a perfect fit for the Happiness Officer Role, which Natalie joined the London team as in 2015. 

After working part-time in the London office for a year, Natalie was promoted to Finance Supervisor and, shortly after, to Volunteer Support Supervisor. In her current role, Natalie supports volunteers in the pre-departure phase, making sure they have all the relevant information they need prior to their placements. Natalie also continues to carry out her role as Finance Supervisor.

In September 2017, Natalie travelled to India to take part in the week-long Clinical and Ancient Psychology Program. 

"My favourite part of the job is definitely talking to all the lovely volunteers in the weeks leading up to their placements. It's interesting to see what aspects people are most apprehensive and excited about and I love being able to help them with their queries. It reminds me of when I was about to leave for placement!"

Ellie SLV