SLV.Sri Lanka
Assistant Project Manager and Jungle Break Leader

Ravi oversees the teams in all of the five areas where we work in Sri Lanka. He zips from one place to the next on his trusty scooter and monitors project progress and ensures volunteer satisfaction. He’s a one man problem solving, laughter inducing machine. One of our legendary Jungle Break supervisors, Ravi is also First Aid trained and always goes the extra mile to ensure the break is a success!

Before SLV.Global, Ravi worked as a lecturer in an alcohol and drugs information center as well as doing a huge amount of volunteering work. Ravi has been giving his time to Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs for more than two years as well as being a key member of the World Conference on Youth. He’s also volunteered in the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting song festival in 2014 and for the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance.

Ravi’s progression with SLV.Global has been fast and with good reason. He is a friendly as he is professional and his language lessons each Orientation always have volunteers smiling and speaking in Sinhalese sentences at the end.

“I love every single part of my job at SLV.Global because I do so many things! I love solving problems and spending my time with volunteers at projects and socials and of course I love the jungle. It’s my jungle now! :)”

Paul Jones