Mr Neil

Mr Neil

SLV Sri Lanka Co-Founder


Mr Neil Kathriarachchi is a senior Youth Services Officer for the NYSC in the International Youth Services Division. Alongside working for the NYSC, in 2010 Mr Neil co-founded SLV Sri Lanka.

As a prominent member of the Sri Lankan community, Mr Neil has led the growth of SLV by sourcing local partners and projects that would benefit from the service of international volunteers. He was instrumental in securing all of our teaching and OT focused projects.

Mr Neil's commitment to both his community and his country is exemplary and since SLV began Mr Neil has worked tirelessly, often behind the scenes, to ensure that SLV works sustainably and ethically in Sri Lanka.

His efforts have not gone unrecognized and Mr Neil has won numerous awards and has been sent to conferences and events around the world including the UK, South Africa, Geneva, Thailand & Indonesia to promote the value of volunteering.

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