SLV.Sri Lanka
Project Manager

Gangika joined the team in July 2013 and over the past three years has progressed to managing all of the five areas where we work in Sri Lanka. Liaising with projects to ensure that volunteers’ work is effective and regulated, Gangika’s reach is wide and her duties are varied. With a Degree in Social work and a diploma in International Relations, Gangika is well positioned to continue SLV Sri Lanka’s progression long into the future.

Whilst completing her degree in social work, Gangika volunteered for an alcohol and drug information centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka and at a range of other charitable initiatives aimed at improving the lives of people in need in Gangika’s local community.

Gangika loves international travel and since joining our team has visited the UK, India and Thailand to promote the work of SLV and volunteering overseas.

“As a Social Work graduate, working with SLV is exactly what I have always wanted to do and I love working with people from all around the world!”

Paul Jones