SLV Global - Assistant Project Manager

From the moment our volunteers are given a place on the team, Charley endeavours to ensure that they have all information they need to get ready for their placement. She also helps the international teams prepare for each team’s arrival.

Charley was a volunteer in Sri Lanka in 2013 and was quickly promoted to volunteer coordinator due to her clear communication and ability to inspire. Charley previously worked as a Teaching Assistant for children with special needs and spent some time teaching in Malawi, so she was well qualified for the job.

Charley returned to Sri Lanka in 2014 as an Assistant Project Manager and spent ten months in the role. Quite possibly one of the toughest and most flexible people ever, we recognised what an unusual combination that is to find in a person, so we were thrilled to offer her a full time position in London upon her return.

Charley’s since joined us in Bali, but most of her time is spent in London making sure volunteers are prepared for take off and that our international managers are ready for each individual team’s arrival in country.

“The thing I love most about my job is scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook and Instagram and seeing volunteers making the most out of their placements. From creativity at projects to exploring the beautiful countries at the weekends.”


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