SLV.Sri Lanka
 Project Manager

Kelum joined the team in April 2013 and over the past three years he has been fundamental in our partnerships with both local NGO's and youth organisations. Kelum liaises with originations to ensure that volunteers' work is sustainable and that volunteers work in a culturally sensitive way. 12 years ago Kelum began volunteering with our partnership organisation the NYSC and soon progressed to working with them as a Management Assistant.

During his time with the NYSC he has played an integral role in the successful organisation of the World Leadership Programme in 2016, the World Youth Conference in 2014 and the Commonwealth Youth Forum in 2013.

In 2016 Kelum was chosen from thousands of applicants to get on board the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program SSEAYP. SSEAP is an annual youth exchange program organised by the Cabinet Office of Japan (CaO) and governments of Southeast Asian countries for the purpose of promoting friendship and mutual cultural understanding among the young people of the ten Southeast Asian countries and Japan, to broaden their perspective on the world, and furthermore, to strengthen their spirit of international cooperation and practical skills for international collaboration.

"I love working as a team and my life goal is to dedicate myself to help our society"
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