Lochana (Lochi) - SLV Sri Lanka

Lochana (Lochi)

SLV.Sri Lanka
Finance Manager & Jungle Break Leader

Lochi joined the SLV team in 2014 as our finance manager, but it’s apparent that he’s not meant to be behind a desk! Whether it’s cutting up the dancefloor at a social or running the Jungle Break team building exercise, Lochi was born to shine.

Lochi makes sure all of our finances are in order during the week, but during training week, he’s often leading our volunteers into the jungle with his partner in crime, Ravi. These guys know how to have a good time, but Lochi is always careful and poised to help in any emergency thanks to his First Aid training.

“SLV is like my family. We have a really relaxed, stress-free atmosphere at work and have so much fun together. I feel like we make a real difference in Sri Lanka and I feel proud to be a part of that. We work hard at the projects, giving our clients and students knowledge and experience that can help them in their community.”


Lucy Nightingale