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SLV Global

Senior Staff Recruitment Supervisor

Rosie first joined the SLV Global Team in 2015, as a Peer Mentor in Sri Lanka, after graduating with a degree in Psychology and Criminology from University of Sunderland. Rosie's background is varied, from completing a PGCE, to working as a researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry, and she became part of SLV Global HQ in February 2017, as a Volunteer Happiness Officer, while finishing her MSc in Clinical Mental Health Sciences. 

After completing her MSc, Rosie's sunny personality and overall awesomeness made her a perfect fit for the Senior Staff Recruitment Supervisor position. She is now in charge of recruiting Peer Mentors and Coordinators, who join the International team in Sri Lanka and Bali throughout the year to help assist volunteers during their placements. Who better than Rosie, who has done the role herself?! 

"I love speaking to people from all walks of life and from all over the globe. It's always a pleasure for people to share their experiences with me and to hear their passion for volunteering in mental health."

Aurora Trentin