International Operations Assistant


Alicia joined SLV in 2014, first as a coordinator and supervisor for SLV Sri Lanka and in 2016 she rejoined the team, but this time in Bali. Alicia was the obvious choice to take up the role as Bali Project Manager after all of her hard work in Sri Lanka. After graduating with a degree in Psychology from Manchester Met Alicia has since gained over 5 years working in the mental health sector in the UK, Sri Lanka, Australia and Bali.

Alicia has volunteered for both the NHS as a play therapist and supported women in court for Manchester’s probation services. Alicia gained an Assistant Psychologist position for CAMHS and later worked for two years in psychiatric care for adolescents before she joined us for the first time in Sri Lanka in 2014.

Alicia caught a classic case of the travel bug and after completing her first placement with SLV, which lasted for a total of 11 months, she travelled on to Australia. Whilst there Alicia was working with organisations supporting medium to high risk offenders with intellectual disabilities.

With Alicia’s experience of the mental health sector as well as her knowledge of SLV, she was the perfect choice to lead the first ever Bali placement in 2016 and we're so pleased to have her back in 2017. Always quick with a solution and cool as a cucumber (unless there’s a snake about). Alicia is one of the main reasons our Bali pilot placement has been such a success.  

“Why do I keep coming back to work for SLV? One reason - SLV allows people to come together from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and experiences, who all share one passion to support those in need to reach and go beyond their potential.”


Paul Jones