Alice Turner

SLV Global
University Liaison

Alice was part of the SLV Sri Lanka volunteer team in 2015 and now acts as the port of call for anything that our university partners or potential partners might need. Whether they have questions about who we are and the placements we offer or require highly interesting health and safety paperwork completed. Alice is also ace at finding new and innovative ways to reach more talented students so they can join us on our placements in Sri Lanka, India and Bali.

In addition to her duties with universities, Alice also interviews potential team members and recently joined us in Bali to help set up and run our first placements there. Alice is skilled in many areas and it’s not hard to see why she was so popular when she was a TA and when she joined us on placement. Her enthusiasm is infectious!

“I love working closely with our university partners. It’s really thrilling when another university expresses a keen interest in using our placements as part of the core curriculum. Having done both placements myself I know first-hand how valuable the experience is, so I’m always excited to get more enthusiastic and passionate students on board!”


Lucy Nightingale