SLV.Global Support Team

The SLV.Global head office may be in London but, like the name suggests, many of our key team members are from all over the world. All of these guys have been out on placement in Sri Lanka, Bali or both! 

Our London team is able to offer pre-departure support from the time we interview you to the time you get on your plane to head out to your placement. From advice on what to pack to how to acquire your visa, we've got you covered and are in the office five days a week to help you with whatever you might need.

We'll check in on you during your placement and after to get your feedback about how you're faring and how you think we can improve. We're always wanting to be better and are keen to get suggestions from our volunteer teams. We also man the Facebook groups and hold quarterly meet and greets in our London office so you can come and meet us if you're in the neighbourhood.