For anyone stuck in the "no experience, no opportunity" cycle, we feel you. So to help you out we've designed our Foundation Placement for people who lack hands-on experience, but have plenty of drive, enthusiasm and theoretical knowledge. If you've done a Psychology course pre-university, if you're currently studying or if you're looking for that first opportunity, this placement has your name written all over it.

Splitting your time between a minimum of five weekly projects, you'll gain at least 40 hours of hands-on experience with diverse groups of service users in various settings. The main difference of the Foundation Placement, in comparison to our other placements, is that the service users you work with will be further along on their journey to recovery. 

This placement is all about building up your confidence and your skill set, so there's no shadowing. You're the star of the show and, like any working mental health professional, will be responsible for conceiving and executing your sessions to an exacting standard.

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Lady Project

From clinical to classrooms no two days are ever the same, but the end goal always is - to promote positive mental health within the Sri Lankan community.