If you’re a graduate, with significant hands-on experience in the mental health field, we recommend joining us on our Advanced Placement for eight weeks, outside of the summer. Here you can utilise your skills in a totally new and challenging environment with other graduates. 

You'll split your time between a minimum of six weekly projects, giving you the opportunity to gain 40 + hours of hands-on experience with diverse groups of service users in various settings. This placement is all about showcasing the wealth of abilities you’ve just spent years building, so don't expect any shadowing. This is your time to shine and to use the knowledge and experience you have to conceive and execute sessions to an exacting standard.

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Lady Project

From clinical to the classroom no two days are ever the same, but the end goal always is - to promote positive mental health within the Sri Lankan community. 

Participants who join us outside of the summer for eight weeks also receive an exclusive extra workshop with a prominent Sri Lankan mental health professional.

Fancy even more time abroad and more time working in global mental health? Why not join us as a Peer Mentor and spend 12-weeks in stunning Sri Lanka and gain over 150 hours of hands-on experience? Peer Mentors are also privy to extra mental health workshops and additional time with local professionals.